The British Medical Association (BMA) – the voice of your doctor – has launched its No More Games campaign to call a halt to the games which politicians play with the NHS


The BMA is calling for:

No More Games with the public’s health

  • Long-term commitment to address the major public health issues in our society
  • Public confidence that health services will be properly resourced, easy to access and free at the point of use, now and in the future

No More Games with NHS funding

  • All political parties to commit to long-term investment to secure the future of the NHS
  • Short-term funding announcements to score political points to become a thing of the past

No More Games with who’s providing care

  • The health and well being of patients must always come before making profits from healthcare
  • A publicly-funded,publicly-provided service to deliver the best patient care

A recent Ipsos MORI poll showed that 77% of the population believe political parties design health policies to win votes rather than basing them on what is best for the NHS.

If you would like to support this campaign, find out more information and add your voice to ours, please click on the link to the BMA website below