bag1Thanks to the generosity of The Friends of Eyemouth Health Centre, we have recently received a new device to help us treat critically unwell patients. Increasingly, extremely unwell adults and children are brought to the medical practice for urgent medical care.  As the practice is located so far from Borders General Hospital and the Edinburgh hospitals, GPs at the practice are often involved with providing pre-hospital care in emergency situations.

This new equipment will allow us to reliably administer life saving fluids and drugs in emergency scenarios when we are unable to do so using the standard technique of a small cannula into a vein (known as a venflon). This method can be used for both adults and children.


In order to ensure that we can use this new device safely and quickly, the GPs have recently been trained in its use by Rod McIntosh, Resuscitation Training Officer for NHS Borders. Rod says “the new device called the EZ-IO infusion system, which is recommended by the Resuscitation Council (UK), is a very easy to use. Training has been given to ensure the rapid and effective deployment of the equipment in emergency situations such that the doctors will feel confident in its use”.

The partners would like to express their gratitude to The Friends of Eyemouth Health Centre and the local community for their continued support of this worthy cause.