As the days get shorter and the Autumn fast approaches, it is the time of year to inform patients about this years Influenza (“flu”) vaccination programme. Details of this programme and the manner in which the practice delivers vaccinations is different every year so please read the following information carefully.

Flu vaccination is available this year for the following adults :-

Anyone (regardless of medical history) aged 65 years or over on 31st March 2016. Individuals in this category will receive a single, national, invitation letter directly from the Scottish Government.

Patients under 65 years of age with specific medical conditions that place them at greater risk of the influenza virus. Examples of such medical conditions include heart failure, ischaemic heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pregnant women and COPD. If you have an eligible medical condition, you will receive a single letter of invitation from the practice. Please note that in previous years, we have been contractually obliged to make multiple attempts to invite you for vaccination but this year we will only be sending one letter.

The practice will be holding 4 flu vaccination clinics for adults this year. These are “drop-in” clinics so no advance appointment is required and patients may attend any of the following clinics. We would respectfully ask patients to note that the start and finish times of the clinics listed below will be strictly observed so an early attendance out with these times will not encourage an early, unscheduled start by clinical staff.







10th October

9.00 am –5.00 pm

Eyemouth Medical Practice


19th October

1.30 pm – 5.30 pm

Coldingham Village Hall


8th November

9.00 am – 5.00 pm

The Hippodrome, Harbour Road, Eyemouth

(formerly Eyemouth Fisherman’s Mission)


14th November

9.00 am – 12.30 pm

Coldingham Village Hall

* All arrangements above are subject to availability of vaccine

Arrangements for children to receive the vaccination this year are as follows:-

All children not yet attending school
aged between 2 years (as of 1st September 2016) and 5 years will be sent a letter of invitation to receive the vaccine at the medical practice.

All primary school children in P1 to P7 will receive their flu vaccine at school.

Other children and young people in clinical risk groups related to specific medical conditions will receive a letter of invitation to receive the vaccine at the medical practice. There will be no routine vaccination of children in secondary school this year.
Please note (as above for adults) that in previous years, we have been contractually obliged to make multiple attempts to invite children for vaccination but this year we will only be sending one letter.

Children eligible to receive the flu vaccine will be vaccinated at the medical practice by appointment only. We ask parents / guardians to kindly contact the reception to book a convenient appointment with a practice nurse in a dedicated clinic if they believe their child to be eligible.

More information about the influenza vaccination is available from the following website:

If you are unsure of your eligibility to receive a vaccine and do not receive an invitation letter, please contact Karen Gillan on 018907 52638.

The practice would strongly encourage all eligible patients to receive the Influenza vaccine to protect their health over the Winter period. Administration of the vaccine is a simple procedure and most patients suffer very mild or no unwanted effects.

However, if you receive an invitation letter and do not wish to receive the vaccine on this occasion (against medical advice) then please inform us by either:

  1. Phoning the practice to speak to Karen Gillan who will acknowledge your request
  2. Completing the “declined” slip on the bottom of the practice invitation letter
  3. E-mailing your preference by clicking here
  4. Completing our online form found here

Feedback on Flu Clinics

We are especially grateful to all those patients who have taken the time to complete our feedback forms. Please be assured that we have read and noted all comments that were made. A summary of the responses we have received is given in the table below.

The practice would like to thank all those who attended our second vaccination clinic in Coldingham on Wednesday 19th October. This was another busy vaccination clinic, despite the torrential rain later in the afternoon. We administered a total of 252 vaccines.

In response to comments on our feedback form – we would like to share the following with patients.

  • We will ask couples or family members if they wish to be vaccinated together for convenience and try to facilitate this where possible.
  • Our first flu clinic of the season was not scheduled for the Day Hospital this year as the exact start date for the planned building work was unknown until very recently. All bookings for the Day Hospital were suspended some time ago in anticipation of the renovations.
  • Several patients have commented that attendees did not appear to be taken in order of arrival at the clinic. Patients under the age of 65 years who fail to bring their invitation letter to the clinic (as it stated on the letter) will be screened for eligibility by a GP. This may cause a delay. Secondly, there is a range of clinical staff administering vaccines in the clinic so procedures vary according to practice protocols. This is to ensure that all our staff work with safe levels of clinical governance.
  • Flu vaccinations are only offered to patients who meet specific, clinical criteria. These are applied consistently to ensure responsible and equitable use of our vaccine supplies.








10th October
Eyemouth Medical Practice






Wednesday 19th October
Coldingham Village Hall






8th November
The Hippodrome, Eyemouth






14th November
Coldingham Village Hall












Thank you to all our patients who have attended our 4 flu clinics. There are now no further flu clinics scheduled to take place this year. If you still wish to receive a flu vaccine, please contact reception at the medical practice to request an appointment.