A note to patients to ensure optimal viewing of our Practice website.

As part of our commitment to patient care, the practice is continually looking for ways to improve our service standards not only within the practice but through external means such as our website. Recent feedback from visitors to the site has reported problems in viewing some parts of the website correctly.

A few patients have been unable to use or see the website’s navigation bar. Following consultation with our web developer, it appears that the problem relates to the use of an outdated web browser that is no longer supported by Internet Explorer 6. Microsoft has withdrawn support for this browser as it is no longer able to meet current web standards.

We are committed to making our website as accessible as possible and 99.5% percent of our visitors will have a browser capable of viewing the website correctly. We use the latest web standards to deliver as consistent a viewing experience as possible. Using up-to-date web standards are also imperative to protect the security of the site.

Those using Internet Explorer 6 will not only have problems viewing the Eyemouth Medical Practice website but may experience difficulties viewing other web pages due to the use of obsolete software.

If you are using Firefox, Chrome, Safari or other browsers the website should display correctly so no action is required. Likewise, systems using Internet Explorer (IE) from IE7 onwards should be compatible with our site.

For patients using Internet Explorer 6 we would suggest a browser upgrade. It is very likely that you will have been prompted to do this before on various sites and from your own PC.

To assist with the upgrade process, please view this helpful page which will assist with the installation of a new, modern browser.



If you are unsure of how to update, please consult an IT specialist. Whilst updating your web browser should be a very easy process, Eyemouth Medical Practice cannot accept responsibility for any harm doing so may cause to your system.