Covid-19 Vaccines – Updated: 08/01/21

At the current time, supplies of this vaccine are limited. A programme is underway to vaccinate practice staff to protect us in vaccinating members of our community. Some but not all of our clinical, patient facing staff have now been vaccinated. We are expecting all of our clinical and administrative staff to have been vaccinated in the coming week. We anticipate delivery of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine in the next couple of weeks and will then begin vaccinating those aged 80 years and over. Supply of this vaccine may well be in small installments therefore we will be vaccinating the oldest, most vulnerable patients first.

We will post further information here on the site on a regular basis as and when the situation changes so please check back for updates. Please do not contact the practice for information about this vaccine. Either the practice or NHS Borders will make contact with patients in turn as they become eligible for the vaccine. Please be assured that the vaccination programme will proceed as quickly as vaccine supplies, planning and clinical safety considerations allow. Further information about the vaccine can be found at

Influenza Vaccines

Influenza vaccines are available for (1) all those aged 60 years and over  and (2) those aged 18 to 59 years with eligible underlying medical conditions . Anyone wishing to receive a vaccine should contact the dedicated NHSB vaccination team on 01896 827171. The practice is unable to assist as we have no current stock of these vaccines.

Influenza vaccines for children aged under 18 years are provided by the medical practice. Please call to register interest in this vaccine and the practice will enquire about vaccine availability from NHS Borders.


Opting out of your vaccinations: 

To opt out of obtaining a vaccination at the practice the link below will take you to a page with out online form which must be completed. 


Opt-Out Form