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Attend Anywhere . . .

Our Attend Anywhere service lets patients who have had a telephone consultation with a GP continue communication via photos or video after speaking with the doctor. You can find more information of this service by using the link below:

Please only use this facility if you have been asked to do so by a member of the practice team!

Reduces travel

Attend Anywhere has revolutionised everything about the way I work. I can see clients now face-to-face via video, from Huntly to Stonehaven to Petershead – all in one day. The benefits are absolutely enormous. People need to see you. There is a element of trust that you have to build up.”

Dawn Brooks from Rape Crisis Scotland


Attend Anywhere revolutionises access to care, especially for those with chronic disabilities.”

Judith Newton, RGN MSc(R), National Nursing Lead for Motor Neurone Disease / Consultant Nurse


“The Attend Anywhere platform offers a secure, world-class client and clinician experience. The single access point puts our clients first, while improving our back-end care coordination workflow and eliminating room errors. I highly recommend this product.”

Michael Marthick, Director and Exercise Physiologist, Care Connected